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With fond memories of Amsoft's Oh Mummy, and being a Spectrum boy myself, I decided it was high time to bring Oh Mummy to the Spectrum via NextBASIC in the form of "Go Mummy!" written for the ZX Spectrum Next.

**The story**

Back in 1984 a party of archaeologist went on search for lost treasures, and yet they found themselves simply crying _"Oh Mummy!"_.

In the modern day, you're tasked with the job of rescuing the original 1984 archaeologist party from their failed pyramid plundering.
You must navigate five catacombs, avoiding the guardians, rescue those muppets and bring them back to Blighty.

Surround the tombs to reveal their contents and remember: don't get chomped!


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gomummy.zip 41 kB
gomummy.bas.txt 54 kB

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Very nice, thank you

Excellent game remake and a top tune!

A great implementation of one of the first games I ever played. Also, really appreciate the detailed comments in the BASIC file. Nice work!

Great fun, very frantic and really keeps you on your toes! Played with a joypad as that makes sliding round those corners a bit easier.

Saw your post on Facebook. This looks like it's really starting to come together now. 👍